Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution Integration Guide

This guide is for merchants and developers that want to integrate with Hosted Solution to add transaction processing to their website.

Website Payments Pro provides an all-in-one package of a gateway, a merchant account, and a virtual terminal. There are a number of options to integrate Website Payments Pro, either through a shopping cart, through Direct Payment API, or using a PayPal hosted integration – Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution.
Hosted Solution is the fast and easy way to add transaction processing to your website. It is a secure, PayPal-hosted, web-based payment solution that allows you to securely send your buyers to PayPal’s payment page to authorise and process transactions. Buyers pay with a debit or credit card, or their PayPal account and you do not have to capture or store credit card
information on your website, thereby helping towards achieving PCI compliance.
Hosted Solution is the choice for merchants who prefer a solution where all financial details are handled by PayPal.
In addition to Hosted Solution, PayPal recommends that you implement the PayPal Express Checkout button on your website. The button appears much earlier in the payment flow and gives existing PayPal account holders the opportunity to use PayPal, thereby increasing the transaction completion rate.

Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution Integration Guide

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