Upgrading Magento from 1.6.x to 1.9

Realizing that my version of magento is WAY out of date, I decided to attempt to upgrade to 1.9. (And eventually to 2.0). Following this guide:


Re: Upgrading from to 1.9


Upgarde Magento to 1.9 by following these steps:


1.  First create backup of your Magento Store including all its files and database.


2.  Install Magento 1.9.  After downloading, upload and install it to your server or localhost.


3.  Now delete all the tables from your Magento 1.9 and then import all the tables from your previous Magento in it.


4. From your version, merge the following folders into your new version:

  • Replace app/code/community folder of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento community folder
  • Replace app/code/local folder of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento local folder.
  • Replace media folder of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento media folder.
  • Replace app/design/frontend/ <your-theme> folder of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento media folder.
  • If you have created any custom xml files then replace all those files from app/etc/modules of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento folder.
  • Replace all custom folders from skin folder of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento skin folder.
  • If you have any custom admin theme folder then replace this folder fromapp/design/adminhtml/default of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento app/design/adminhtml/default.
  • If you have any custom js folder then replace this folder from app/js of Magento 1.9  with your previous Magento app/js.

To learn more follow the given link.


Below steps also should work

Upgrade Roadmap for CE from 1.6


1) take a backup of current database and current 1.6 code.

2) download latest magento from the http://www.magentocommerce.com/download

3) remove all folders and files from your 1.6 code (but you should have backup somewhere) and place all folders and files from the 1.9.

4) now from your 1.6 merge your following folders into the 1.9

– Community app/code/community

– Local app/code/local

– Media

– your theme or package (app/design/frontend/default/<ur theme> or app/design/frontend/<your package>)

– custom folders from Skin (both for adminhtml and frontend).

– copy your custom xml files from app/etc/modules/ to current app/etc/modules/

– any custom admin theme folder from adminhtml/default/yourtheme.

– copy your custom folders from adminhtml/default/default/ (1.6) to adminhtml/default/default/ (1.9).

– custom js files if any from app/js/.

5) now go to app/etc/local.xml.Edit database details their.put your database username and password and database name.

6) now check the site.it done.enter code here



Also upgrade can done with Magento Connect as described in the link




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