Free Shipping and Flat Rate Shipping issue [Opencart]

So if you set flat rate shipping store-wide, and you add free shipping for orders of $xxx, it still gives the option to the user to select either the flat rate shipping or the free one. Is there a way to just force it to be Free if Free is an option? I don’t think people will choose to pay for shipping if Free shipping is an option.

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Discount based on number of – Woocommerce

Discounts are a powerful marketing weapon which allows you to drive customer loyalty and revenue.

Suppose you would like to have a  discount based on number of items in cart. After you added 2 products to the cart, you get a discount. More products you add and more discount you get.

For example:

  • 1 product – full price (No Discount)
  • 2 products – full price with 10% discount of the combined price
  • 3 products – full price with 15% discount of the combined price
  • 4 products – full price with 20% discount of the combined price
  • And so on …

Yes its possible to use a trick, to achieve this. Normally for discounts on cart we use in WooCommerce coupons. Here coupons are not appropriated. I will use here a negative conditional fee, that becomes a discount.
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Display subcategory products in parent category – Opencart

Just after installing any version of OpenCart you may notice that if you have multiple level categories in your store, subcategory products are not shown in parent or top category. That might be an issue for some. But there is a simple and quick solution for that. You just need vQmod in your system and one small free OpenCart extension.

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How to fix – Warning: You do not have permission to modify blah blah blah + Opencart 2

Are all of your directories and files set to 755 and 644 permissions (Linux/Unix only, not Windows)? Which distribution of Linux (or of Unix) or version of Windows is your server? If no, reset to 755/644 (in FileZilla Client, recurse, all dirs or all files).

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Send Gravity Forms File Uploads to Amazon S3

This snippet will send files uploaded to a Gravity Forms form to your Amazon S3 account. To get started, first download the files. Then, some customization steps are required before use:

The code snippet is in the link below:

Read more about sending gravity forms files to Amazon s3


This type of functionality is best to put into a plugin. Theme files (i.e. functions.php) are intended for presentation and everything else should be in a plugin. This is because you’ll lose the functionality if you switch themes. Here’s a link on how to build a plugin for it.

Once you create the plugin and the main file, just add a folder called “inc” and add the S3.php file to that.



Add all countries into geo zone on opencart easily

  • Open the form to add geo zone.
  • Open console of the browser and enter the code:

Then remove the countries you wish to exclude.

That’s all.

Latest version of opencart I had to change it to



How to open Javascript console?
To open the dedicated Console panel, either:
  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac).
  2. If DevTools is already open, press the Console button.

How to generate a report of Gravity Forms

Create beautiful Chartsjs charts from Gravity Forms submission data with a simple shortcode. Use all your past data to visualize advanced statistics in a few clics. Waiting for your ideas to improve the plugin!

Demonstration site <<

Download the plugin

GFChart is an extension to WordPress Gravity Forms. It empowers you to showcase a visual snapshot summary of form submissions – automatically.





Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution Integration Guide

This guide is for merchants and developers that want to integrate with Hosted Solution to add transaction processing to their website.

Website Payments Pro provides an all-in-one package of a gateway, a merchant account, and a virtual terminal. There are a number of options to integrate Website Payments Pro, either through a shopping cart, through Direct Payment API, or using a PayPal hosted integration – Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution.
Hosted Solution is the fast and easy way to add transaction processing to your website. It is a secure, PayPal-hosted, web-based payment solution that allows you to securely send your buyers to PayPal’s payment page to authorise and process transactions. Buyers pay with a debit or credit card, or their PayPal account and you do not have to capture or store credit card
information on your website, thereby helping towards achieving PCI compliance.
Hosted Solution is the choice for merchants who prefer a solution where all financial details are handled by PayPal.
In addition to Hosted Solution, PayPal recommends that you implement the PayPal Express Checkout button on your website. The button appears much earlier in the payment flow and gives existing PayPal account holders the opportunity to use PayPal, thereby increasing the transaction completion rate.

Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution Integration Guide